1:1 meditation coaching

  • are you happy with your mindset?
  • do you have an effective stress management?
  • is it easy for you to get into calmness and relaxation?
  • when you experience unpleasant emotions or thoughts, do you have mindful coping mechanisms?

when you answered with a quiet „no“, let’s change it into a „yes“!

meditation coaching and mindful practice is for those, who want to dive deeper and want to take their space.

before I started with meditation, I felt like a victim of my own thoughts. after years of depression and eating disorder, I finally realized, that I am not my thoughts – I am able to look beyond.

when we see through our own patterns, we are ready for a deep and lasting change. we are dynamic and can choose, to control or let go of situations.

online meditation and mindfulness coaching 1:1 is an individual consulting especially for beginner and all those, who want to invite more mindfulness into their life.

is this meditation consulting for me?

out of my collection of meditations and practices, we will find the right meditation, that fits to your life situation and goal. you don’t need to sit for hours! together we practice the meditation, that feels right for you and you get an written instruction per email. this way you can practice on your own. in our next session we can look closer on upcoming questions, insecurities or change the way of meditation.

your meditation seat

every body is individual. and many people try to force their body into a seat, that hurts after seconds. meditation shouldn’t be a burden! with the right knowledge, many people can sit without pain. we will train your body consciousness, so you can develop your own meditation seat and practice.

as a yoga teacher I can give you asanas and exercises that help you ease the sitting. beside that, I introduce you to the most important aids and tools, that support your meditation practice.

work with me

my own long lasting meditation and intuitive movement practice and my own life taught me how to get along with difficulties, illness and death. and this is my vision: not to meditate things away, but to love life anyway. to fall in love with life and oneself so deeply, that difficulties can appearance disappear.

working with me gives you:

  • a free 20 minute call to start our work
  • one-on-one online consulting to get along with your very own needs and goals
  • individual time of 30-60 minutes
  • an individual customized meditation practice
  • space for questions
  • supportive space so you can share your challenges
  • written meditation introductions per email to support your home practice
  • support with difficulties like restlessness, aching positions or perseverance

how does it work?

you send me a message with you first goals, challenges and questions. we will have a 20 minute first call via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp to choose a strategy and set smart goals, so you can make meaningful changes and start your meditation practice right away. at the end of each session, we plan our next steps.


I take 50€,- per hour, 30€ for 30 minutes, including your individual meditation introductions per email.

it is also possible to book meditation sessions via zoom as a group.

start now!

if you have found yourself in the written words and feel the urge to change things right now, use this energy and drop me message using judith@seewithyourbody.de or the contact form below!