re-connecting – the core of your spirituality

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spirituality is such a thing. many people wince, when they hear that word. others feel a soft and quiet whisper inside them. and some can sense that deep core connection that reminds them of their own spirituality.

what is „spirituality“ and how can we re-connect with it?

spirituality or religion?

before I start, I want to try to define these two words. because it is important to avoid conflicts of understanding. and it seems like many people shy away, when someone speaks of „spirituality“ because they think of „religion“ instead and in there have been so many wars, fights and death in the name of religion, that this shying away is absolutely understandable.

the word „spirituality“ means „life“ or „breath“. to be spiritual means, to be concerned with the spirit and/or soul.

the Germany philosophe Thomas Metzinger gives some more points of definition of spirituality:

  • it is not theoretical, but experienceable
  • it is not about logic argumentation
  • it is not cognitive

by giving a definition, of what spirituality is not, we can have an insight, of what spirituality can be. while „religion“ is institutional and seeks for god or cherishes one or more.

am I spiritual?

well… I don’t know you, but I am! since I was a child, spirituality was with me. in fact: when we are children, „spirituality“ seems quite natural. when I looked into the flames of a camp fire, dig my feet into the soil or ran over a fresh cut field as fast as I could, I felt this sense of connection, union and deep freedom within and outside. so „spirituality“ means connection and freedom for me.

when we grow older, we are taught to be more cognitive. „think before you do!“, was one of the main sentences I have heard. sometimes, it was better to think before, but I unlearned to listen to my intuition. well..and what is intuition in this context?

Brent Brown gave a perfect definition for it:

Intuition is not a single way of knowing – it’s our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we’ve developed knowledge and insight, including instinct, experience, faith and reason.

maybe spirituality is this space for uncertainty.

how to re-connect with your spirituality

maybe you have felt this little excitement inside, while reading since here. like a memory, calling from the past.

here are some possibilities to re-connect with the core of your very own spirituality

  1. ask yourself: what does spirituality mean to me? take some time and let this question work inside you for some moments, days or even weeks. and: you can change your thoughts about it. it is your spirituality.
  2. look within: when you feel more connected in nature, bring some of it closer to you. spend more time outside. take your time without any distraction to reconnect.
  3. write a journal. journaling can help to feel your own spirit. write, without any goal or effort. just let your pencil sink to the paper and write down, what you feel. think. sense. let your intuition guide you.
  4. meditate. when we meditate, we listen. we make space for what is and what wants to be. it is looking beyond the thoughts. if you need some inspirations, read here.
  5. oracle or tarot. oracle and tarot are tools of reflection. I don’t believe, that they tell the future, but they can reflect, what is possible and how we resonate to them.
  6. yoga. yoga is a practice, that helps us to experience. the complex philosophy behind the asanas can help us to connect to the answers we are seeking.

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