mantra meditation – a short how to

sometimes my monkey mind doesn’t want to calm down. it is running and jumping from one topic to the next, thinking about the past, worrying about the future and overthinking the present. and I know, I am not alone with this. maybe you and your monkey see yourself right now? many people suffer from a restless mind, that is confused, out of control and insecure. one very effective way to stop this monkey from clambering about is a gentle mantra meditation practice.

mantra meditation – gaging the mind

the word mantra has its origin in sanskrit and means „song“ or „verse“. originally used in buddhism and hinduism, a mantra is a sacred rhyme with spiritual or psychological impact, but most of all: it has its own vibration. every song, every tone resonates with us. it might open our heart, ground us, calm us. no matter, if it is a song, that you love or a singing bowl. we feel, that something inside us happens, when we hear, sing, speak or think a tone.

mantra also means „to think“ and is part of raja yoga, the yoga of the mind. there we cultivate a practice, that helps to see beyond our thinking and restless mind. by repeating a sacred mantra, we are able to gage our mind.

our brain „vibes“ in different frequencies, wich means, that it has different frequencies of brain waves. each frequency gives us another state of mind and feeling and other way round: we can bring us in a particular frequency by affecting our breath and body reaction.

stress has another frequency than focus. though science can’t verify, that mantras have a certain affect, the direct effect of music and of meditation could be proved. this gives the hope and thought, that chanting, speaking thinking a mantra can have a direct effect on us.

different mantras have different meanings we can „tune in with“.

most popular mantras

mantra meditation is not just very simple, so you can learn it quite fast, another pro of a mantra meditation is, that there is nothing, you need beside a mantra and some minutes to meditate.

I want to introduce some mantras to you, that are very close to my heart. many of them guide me since years, they lifted me up, comforted me and calmed my mind. and they connected me to my own spirit and the higher one. don’t worry: you don’t have to be spiritual to do the mantra meditation! but if you want to reconnect with your very own spirituality, mantras can be a gateway (if you want to dive deeper into the topic „spirituality“, click here)

  • AUM – you know „aum“ as „om“. it is the core of creation and can help us to connect ourself with the universal vibration
  • SO HAM – „I am“. meditating about „I am“ we quit thinking „who am I?“. we can just be as a part of this life and earth
  • OM NAMAH SHIVAJA – yes, this looks a bit more complicated, but you can do this! meditating about shiva can help us to recognize the sacred within us
  • LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU this mantra means „may all beings everywhere be happy and free“. singing this mantra cracks up our heart and opens us for the unconditional love
  • AMITABHA – Amitābha is the buddha of compassion and means infinite light. repeating amitābha help us to cultivate a compassionate heart for others and ourself

you can find a guided amitābha meditation here.

how to meditate with a mantra:

choose a mantra, that resonates with you. you can choose by heart or by intention. if you need more inspirations, check out this side (click).

take some time, make sure, that you won’t get distracted by a ringing phone, your dog or roommate and find a comfortable position. if you want to, you can light a candle and incense stick. a ritual can help you to support your body and mind to dive into meditation (read more).

you can sing your mantra wholehearted or repeat it in your mind. it can help to connect the mantra with your breath, for example: inhaling „AUM„, exhaling „AUM„, or inhaling „SO„, exhaling „HAM„.

allow yourself to open up for what wants to be seen during this meditation. maybe it is a feeling of warmth, excitement, light or deep compassion.

if you want to deepen your practice and need some guidance on your journey, check out my 1:1 meditation program.

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