how to stick to your meditation practice while travling

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5 tipps to stick to your meditation practice while traveling

Are you filled with joy, when it comes to traveling? You love short trips and long journeys? I feel you so much. I have a deep wanderlust inside of me. But no matter how stable my meditation or yoga practice has been at home, during a vacation both can be quite hard. This is why I want to talk about meditation routine while traveling and how to stick to your practice.

Holidays for the soul

We packed our van and hit the road. My girlfriend and I had no goal, just going south and sleep close to the water. We drove for 2 hours, until we changed our plans. Just because we had the space for it. Just because we allowed our souls these holidays and wanted to go, where it felt right.

But this kind of spontaneously traveling also means not to have any other routine. There are some small, but precious rituals, that help us to stay stable and connected. Like our breakfast. We always include a small cocoa ceremony and picking an oracle card. Time for kisses, snuggles and some day planning. 

Stickig to the own yoga- and meditation practice while traveling can be harder. I am always too excited to miss something, so it´s very difficult for me to sit down in silence or to take the time for a yoga sequence. 

This is why it is so important to me to have a meditation practice that fits to my changing life.

Conscious traveling

My meditation practice is diverse as I am. Some days I need wild dancing, some days my dance is small and soft. Whatever wants to show up, gets its space. When I feel the urge for it, I sit in silence. 

Mindfulness is one of the simplest but sweetest practices that can and should be cultivated in everyday life and while traveling.

It means to be in the present moment, which is the goal of every meditation. 

5 tipps to stick to your meditation practice while traveling

1.Watch your breath.

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Your breath is always with you. Take some time, starting with 5 minutes, to watch your breath. There is nothing to fix or to change, you are allowed to be with your airy flow. If you need some support, check out this page(click) for some free guided meditations

2.Walking meditation

We walk every day. Why not taking some time to walk mindfully in silence? Feel your feet and how they touch the ground. Let your breath find its own rhythm. Visit my free guided walking meditation if you need some inspiration (here).

3.Mindful eating

We are allowed to nourish our body while traveling! I know how hard it can be, when we are stressed. We have little snacks and forget them! But a vacation is the best time to eat mindfully. Enjoy every bite. Feel the elements, that are in your food. Let gratitude fill you up. Gratitude is one of the most beautiful practices we can cultivate.

4.Feel your body

A body scan is a simple but profound meditation practice. You can do it in the morning, before you start your day and check in with your body or to close the day. Start with your toes and scan your whole body. There is no need to judge. Just to feel.

5.Let go!

There is one thing I really learned during this vacation. Letting go. Letting go plans. Letting go fears. And letting go thoughts. When we cultivate a sense for letting go, we are allowed to follow our hearts and our own flow.

Let me know: what helps you to stick to your meditation practice while traveling?

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