we are all born in this human body, trying to navigate it through this universe. my vision is to support people finding back into their body again – back home.

I’ve stared dancing at a young age and visited ballet and stantard dance classes – parallel I was a passionate martial arts enthusiast. to connect the body, spirit, mind and soul fascinated me, so I dove into the possibilities of movement and ancient wisdom. „how can we free ourself from suffering and embody our true self?“ was one of the question, that guided me. through my yoga teacher training and work as a teacher, I gained the knowledge of the wonder of the individuality of bodies, their different needs and most important: the inner wisdom that lies within each and every body. my work as a dancer in a theater gave me the possibility to enrich the vocabulary of my body language and the importance of story telling. there are countless archetypes within us, why shouldn’t we dance them all?

I haven’t always been connected to my body. as for the most of us, my journey contained some mountains to climb and rivers to cross and I stumbled, fell and felt lost. movement and meditation have been my tools, to get back on track again.

the core of my work is self love and compassion, the respect for the own body and every being. movement is a sacred full body prayer, so I support people to embrace their sweat.