praying means speaking, meditation is listening.

you might know this feeling: your mind wanders and jumps around, like a playful monkey. you worry about tomorrow or get stuck in the past. for some womxn this restlessness can be more than bothering. It can be quite hurtful and we feel stressed and tired. we might even get the feeling of loosing ourselves.

beside an uncomfortable feeling, a restless mind has a negative effect on the mental health. facing anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other struggles might make us feel helpless. but we are not!

so much is possible, when there is clarity and support. and we can bring this clarity and support in our mind.

I started meditation, when I felt overwhelmed by my own emotions, feelings and thoughts. they were running in circles and I started to realize, that things are getting worse, the more I become unaware.

meditation in silence helped me to get to the core of my mind and meditation in movement to free my body, soul and mind from overthinking and worries. movement meditations like trance dance, intuitive movement, 5 rhythms and body awareness have been the gateway to my own inner being.

meditation can help you to find clarity and stillness. In this place of peace, you can reload, find strength and self-empowerment to change the things, that caused you trouble. It’s a place of gentle self love, because you realize, that you are worth this self awareness.

here are some meditations I created to help you to start your meditation journey.

here is a breath awareness meditation for you
a simple but effective walking meditation
die deutsche Version der Gehmeditation
stärke die Verbindung zur Erde, zur Weite des Horizontes und der Mystik des Kosmos

does this feel right for you and you want to deepen your practice? there are some topics you want to work with like

  • bringing more mindfulness into your daily life
  • your relationship to yourself and your body
  • your goals for your job
  • your outing and entering the LGBTQI+ Community
  • spiritual connection?

I offer 1:1 sessions that are designed for those, who want to make a long term change. everything you need, everything you are looking for is already inside of you. My offering for you is to hold space and share my knowledge, experience and tools to evolve your abundance.

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