movement is celebration

grounding, self expressing, empowerment, self love…all this are gifts, that are waiting for you. being shameless about the own body. and this all starts with grooving, shaking, twisting freely. it opens our heart and make space within us. it clears our mind, as a wild meditation and reminds us, that we are allowed to be.

dance is a human right and has been a way of self expression since the very first beginning.

see with your body welcomes everyone, who wants to come back home to the own senses. in a world, that teaches us to reject our body and intuitive wisdom, the importance of a safe space for self explorations grows. I believe in the power of an inclusive community, that is open to people of all backgrounds, identities and paths.

on a floor of respect, everything is possible. no matter, if you roll, jump, slide or ride – as long as you are present in your body and respect the other, your most natural and embodied expression is welcome!

sweat, tears and laugher are what make your movement to a sacred dance. there is no dance experience needed. just the will to let go and enjoy.