develop your intuition – and trust it!

intuition is inside everyone of us. we are born with intuition like we are born with creativity, but like this playful way of expression, we tend to push intuition aside. grown up in a society and in an age, that has a high weight on an achievement ratio based on money, „my intuition and how to use it“ wasn´t a masterclass at school. so for years feeling my intuition felt like been given a red flag: what can I do with it? should I do something with it? should I wave it? wear it like a supersheroe-cape?! this can be very confusing. I saw this red flag, I felt this thing called intuition, but what can we do with it?

when you are a very intuitive person, you know, what I mean, that intuition feels like knowing, without knowing what to know. you just know, but don´t know, how you know. you know? tough you are sure, that you know, you might doubt, if you really know.

some of you might feel a strong „yessss“ inside, others might leave this page… not knowing, what to know! read on, if you want to learn, how to develop your intuition and what you can do with this red flag.

what is intuition?

“Intuition is not a single way of knowing – it’s our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we’ve developed knowledge and insight, including instinct, experience, faith
and reason.” – Brené Brown

well, this is one of the most focused definitions of the word intuition, that I have ever read. and it´s a way of saying „I just KNEW it!“. intuition is like a wisdom pool, that contains all experiences, you have made, everything you have learned and tested, every story, you have heard and your own perspective of life.

intuition is your own compass, that helps you to navigate through life. it shows up to get to the core of things. but to really use our intuition, we must be sure, that we don´t just imagine something. imagination and intuition might feel like the same thing, but there is a huge difference.

here is one example, maybe the best: jealousy is not intuition. intuition is based on the whole picture.

yesterday my girlfriend texted me, that she will come home from work later. my intuition was totally at peace. relaxed. I´ve made another banana bread in this time and caught her up from the train station. another out come could have been: my imagination runs wild „where is she? what is she doing? why is she late? what are they doing at work?!“

imagination can be based on our fears and on past experiences, so it is very important to get our shit together. when we want to use our intuition, we have to clean up ourself. otherwise it could be under layers of self protection patterns, fear and misinformation.

trusting our intuition

how do we know, that we know?

when we dare to look beyond our thoughts and emotions, we get closer to our intuition. this might be a lot of work, but we get the most precious tool to live a life of joy and love: our intuition. we know intuitively, what is right for us, which decision is wrong (if you want some more help with this, click HERE) and what we really need. it´s like a clear river, that carries us.

beyond all that regrets, worries, fears, trauma, self-harm, doubts and past failures lies your true self, that can´t wait to create that life you deserve. and you deserve healing from all this.

clearing your intuition means to find out, what you truly believe and who you really are.

acting based on your intuition

to be or not to be? to trust your gut or not trust your gut? to be very authentic and honest at that point: goddamnit! I wish I had the answer for both of us. sometimes it´s easy for me and very very clear, if I should trust my intuition. and yes, sometimes I act in the opposite way, just to test it. to tell you a secret: in this case, my guts never failed.

but there are the moments, when we can trust our intuition and act on it. and should. for example, when you have the feeling to call a friend – why souldn´t you? or your intuition tells you to leave a situation – then leave. when you´re suffering from anxiety, I can tell you from my own experience: even anxiety can be part of your intuition. this is one more reason to clear your mind and understand, how it works.

5 ways to develop your intution

to start your journey, you don´t have to wait until you feel ready and done with all that healing work and stuff. I am still on my way and enjoying this journey. healing isn´t about becoming somewhere. it is about the journey itself and evolving our true being. it´s curing, what hurts inside and walking our path with the best intentions for ourself and others. and this is something, our intuition can be very useful for.

here are 5 ways to develop your intuition:

  1. listen to your feelings and become aware of the situation. this can be hard, because our mental programs turn in quite fast. click HERE to read more about mindful living.
  2. make a reality check afterwards: notice, when your feeling was right. intuition is like a muscle, we need to train. it can help to write a journal about it. it is a powerful tool to get clear about your thinking patterns, fears and worries and to notice, when your feeling was right.
  3. acknowledge your feelings! be not ashamed or embarrassed about them! giving space to our intuition is the best way to develop it.
  4. meditate. meditation is a great way to get in touch with yourself again and to re-connect with your core. click HERE to read more or HERE to work 1-1 with me.
  5. calibrate your inner compass by asking yourself: what do I want? what do I really need? what do I believe? and then listen to your body. how does it react? do you feel tensions? do you feel freedom in some areas? write it down.

dare to listen more. it can help to seek solitude in nature and feeling the connection to wild animals, who are highly intuitive and instinctive. for me, intuition is connected with my spirituality. if you are curious about this, maybe this article can help you to re-connect with your very own spirituality (click HERE).

let me know, how you feel about you intuition! I would love to hear from you. please send me a message on instagram or use my email judith {at}

LOVE, Judith

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