see with your body – my vision

when we were children, we had our very natural way to move. as soon as music played, no matter how complex or simple it was, we started to move our little body. we didn’t care about how we look, what others might think, what „dance“ should be like or if there are any rules. we just moved, free from shame or guilt.

but after a short while we were taught how to behave. not just how to walk, sit and stand, but how to move our body, what is „beautiful“ and what is „embarrassing“, what is „right“ and what is „wrong“. we learned, that having a body means being commented. 

the more we heard other peoples opinion, the more we numbed our body and put it into a cage. 

but our body with all it´s senses and emotions is the most beautiful gift we were given. not just full of wisdom and joy, but willing to communicate with us, so we can free ourself from shame. we can unlock the natural potential of this intelligent body. 

and getting access to this potential is open to everyone. we just have to remember.

see with your body can teach you to come back home into your wild garden, that is just waiting for you to be explored again. it´s about intuitive movement, that comes from your very own source of creativity and how to get in contact to this source, when we might feel disconnected. 

intuition and technique don’t have to be enemies, but can be used as one complex of intelligent movement. it´s a very simple but powerful way to feel good in your body. to trust your body again and learn how to communicate with it.

though see with your body is dance, there is no right or wrong. there is just the beauty of this very personal moment, playful, sometimes lustful, other times in a space of rage, chaos or love. all this are parts of life, so they are part of your dance. it´s pure alchemy. 

during a see with your body session you have a check in with your body, you dance, sweat, you play, make space and feel.