see with your body

„dare to embrace your sweat“

no matter, how old you are…

…what gender you identify with

…what you wear

…or how you have moved so far.

my name is Judith and I invite you to your journey to your natural intuitive movement.

come back to your body and learn, how to get in touch with your very own space. to see with your body means to be untamed, unapologetic and authentic from a place of self love and wilderness. it’s about instincts, nature and connection. movement is your very own way to express, what your body already knows. sometimes we have to get back to this knowledge, because we got distracted on the journey called life.

in my work I connect my experience as an artist and dancer on stage for over 15 years, my love to the 5 rhythms by Gabriel Roth, Yoga, ancient and modern meditations in stillness and movement.

I would love to meet you on the dance floor or a meditation class – in person or online.


all that is important is this one moment in movement. make the moment important, vital, and worth living. do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.

– Martha Graham

when you slammed the worlds door, there is not much that can hold you. despite to our intuitive needs of connection and movement, we try to protect our inner realms, like a flower that closes her petals. we try to remember the feeling of protection in the womb: warm, dark, loving.

but with every leaf we close, we get more and more stuck. we start to fear of choosing and unlearn the limitless directions we were given.

movement is our natural energy. no matter how movable our body might be. the movement begins in our mind as a stardust, that floods our veins and a whole universe begins to unravel in our nerves, bones, muscles and fluids. there doesn’t even have to be an outer movement: just feeling the waves and flows inside us starts to unlock our appetite of life.

movement means also being wild and slow at once. it’s expressing all archetypes, all that we can be, unapologetic and authentic. our feet become the prayer and worship, carrying us wherever we need to be.


praying means speaking, meditation is listening.

you might know this feeling: your mind wanders and jumps around, like a playful monkey. you worry about tomorrow or get stuck in the past. for some this restlessness can be more than bothering. It can be quite hurtful and we feel stressed and tired.

beside an uncomfortable feeling, a restless mind has a negative effect on the mental health. facing anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other struggles might make us feel helpless. but we are not!

so much is possible, when there is clarity and support. and we can bring this clarity and support in our mind.

I started meditation, when I felt overwhelmed by my own emotions, feelings and thoughts. they were running in circles and I started to realize, that things are getting worse, the more I become unaware.

meditation in silence helped me to get to the core of my mind and meditation in movement to free my body, soul and mind from overthinking and worries. movement meditations like trance dance, intuitive movement, 5 rhythms and body awareness have been the gateway to my own inner being.

meditation can help you to find clarity and stillness. In this place of peace, you can reload, find strength and self-empowerment to change the things, that caused you trouble. It’s a place of gentle self love, because you realize, that you are worth this self awareness.

here are some meditations I created to help you to start your meditation journey.

here is a breath awareness meditation for you
a simple but effective walking meditation
die deutsche Version der Gehmeditation
stärke die Verbindung zur Erde, zur Weite des Horizontes und der Mystik des Kosmos

does this feel right for you and you want to deepen your practice? there are some topics you want to work with like

  • bringing more mindfulness into your daily life
  • your relationship to yourself and your body
  • your goals for your job
  • your outing and entering the LGBTQI+ Community
  • spiritual connection?

I offer 1:1 sessions that are designed for those, who want to make a long term change. everything you need, everything you are looking for is already inside of you. My offering for you is to hold space and share my knowledge, experience and tools to evolve your abundance.

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we are all born in this human body, trying to navigate it through this universe. my vision is to support people finding back into their body again – back home.

I’ve stared dancing at a young age and visited ballet and stantard dance classes – parallel I was a passionate martial arts enthusiast. to connect the body, spirit, mind and soul fascinated me, so I dove into the possibilities of movement and ancient wisdom. „how can we free ourself from suffering and embody our true self?“ was one of the question, that guided me. through my yoga teacher training and work as a teacher, I gained the knowledge of the wonder of the individuality of bodies, their different needs and most important: the inner wisdom that lies within each and every body. my work as a dancer in a theater gave me the possibility to enrich the vocabulary of my body language and the importance of story telling. there are countless archetypes within us, why shouldn’t we dance them all?

I haven’t always been connected to my body. as for the most of us, my journey contained some mountains to climb and rivers to cross and I stumbled, fell and felt lost. movement and meditation have been my tools, to get back on track again.

the core of my work is self love and compassion, the respect for the own body and every being. movement is a sacred full body prayer, so I support people to embrace their sweat.


movement is celebration

grounding, self expressing, empowerment, self love…all this are gifts, that are waiting for you. being shameless about the own body. and this all starts with grooving, shaking, twisting freely. it opens our heart and make space within us. it clears our mind, as a wild meditation and reminds us, that we are allowed to be.

dance is a human right and has been a way of self expression since the very first beginning.

see with your body welcomes everyone, who wants to come back home to the own senses. in a world, that teaches us to reject our body and intuitive wisdom, the importance of a safe space for self explorations grows. I believe in the power of an inclusive community, that is open to people of all backgrounds, identities and paths.

on a floor of respect, everything is possible. no matter, if you roll, jump, slide or ride – as long as you are present in your body and respect the other, your most natural and embodied expression is welcome!

sweat, tears and laugher are what make your movement to a sacred dance. there is no dance experience needed. just the will to let go and enjoy.